Sewer Master Plan

The City of Pomona Sewer System Master Plan (Master Plan) presents an assessment of the hydraulic capacity of the City’s major sewers, an evaluation of the City’s four pump stations, and a prioritized set of capital improvement projects to address existing and projected future capacity requirements and pump station condition limitations. The City’s previous sewer master plan was completed in 1990 and required updating to reflect subsequent growth and sewer improvements.  The Sewer Master Plan is a part of the overall Water and Sewer Master Plan project, and is the culmination of a year and a half of work by the staff of the City’s Utility Services Department, its consultant, MWH, and subconsultant ADS Environmental Services (flow monitoring). The Master Plan also included review and comments from the City’s Planning Division and their General Plan consultant, Dyett and Bhati.  


Below is the link to the 2005 Sewer Master Plan.

Sewer Master Plan 2005