Integrated Water Resource Management Plan

The City of Pomona (City) began its Integrated Water Supply Plan (IWSP) in May 2010 to develop a strategy to meet near- and long-term water demands through the use of the most beneficial and cost effective supplies. This plan was developed at a time when many new challenges to the State’s, and in particular Southern California’s, water resources had occurred. 


This IWSP will serve as a framework for future water resources planning by the City through 2035. It is anticipated that over the next 25 years, there will be many changes relative to the City’s resources and needs and, therefore, the IWSP has been created as a foundation that can be readily updated to respond to these changes by employing adaptive management strategies. 


The IWSP was developed as a result of collaboration between the consultant team lead by RMC Water and Environment and City staff.


2011 IWSP

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