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New Resident Guide


Welcome to Pomona. As a new resident, or possibly a visitor planning to relocate to Pomona, we hope you will City Hallfind the following resources helpful. Throughout our Website we have provided information about our City, our sense of community, City park facilities, activities for our youth and programs for our seniors. The following information is, however, specifically intended to assist new, or soon to be, residents of our community with contact information for residential services. We hope you will find the information helpful.


Citywide Yard/Garage Sales
In an effort to keep City streets and neighborhoods looking clean and beautiful, the City of Pomona has designated specific dates out of the year to permit yard or garage sales at homes. For more information, please contact the City's Code Compliance Office at 909-620-2374.



School District

The City of Pomona is served by the Pomona Unified School District. To locate your new neighborhood school, click on to visit their website. Phone: 909-397-4800


Public Utilities

Telephone Services (Basic)



Waste Disposal Service

For curbside waste disposal service (trash, green waste, and recycling)
Contact the City's Customer Services at 909-620-2241


Southern California Edison



Sewer and Water Services

The City of Pomona - Public Works Department provides the
community with domestic and reclaimed water as well as sewer services.
For specific information please call 909-620-2241 or visit the department's
webpage at Public Works


Southern California Gas Company



Public Transportation

Metrolink Information
1-800-371-5465 Metro Link

Pomona Valley Transportation Authority
Get Bus Information
Phone: 593-7511 Ride: 596-5964

Foothill Transit
Phone: 1-800-743-3463


Weather Conditions

For a check of the local weather, please click on


Pet Licensing

The City of Pomona requires that all dogs and cats be properly licensed.  Pomona contracts with the Inland Valley Humane Society (IVHS) to provide animal services, including licensing.  For more information regarding animal licensing requirements and fees, you may visit the IVHS Website at or contact them via phone at 909-623-9777.



Frequently Called Numbers
Abandoned Shopping Cart Reporting 909-620-2362
Graffiti Removal 909-620-2265
Illegal Dumping Reporting 909-620-2399
Landlord/tenant disputes: 800-477-5977
Weed abatement-vacant lots: 909-620-2374
Fire prevention and complaints 909-620-2216
Parks & Landscape 909-620-3759
Sewer main back-up 909-620-2251
Sanitation special pick-up 909-620-2241
Street/alley potholes 909-620-3665


For the City Directory and Frequently Requested Telephone Numbers Click here.

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