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Trash Container Placement


Trash Container Placement

All refuse containers must be placed out by 6:00 a.m. and removed from street or alleys within 12 hours after being emptied.

Trash, Recyclable and Greenwaste Container Placement
Two feet from curb two feet apart
Two feet from walls or fence
Five feet from vehicles
Away from low-hanging tree-limbs
Turn handle away from street

Additional Rental Containers are Available call (909) 620-2241.
Holiday Schedule for Trash Collection

Pomona’s Trash Collection observes six holidays during the year, which can change your normal collection day for trash, recycling and green waste, if the holidays fall Monday through Friday. These days are:New Year’s Day    January 1 st
Memorial Day    last Monday in May
Independence Day     July 4 th
Labor Day    first Monday in September
Thanksgiving Day     fourth Thursday in November
Christmas Day    December 25 th


If your regular pickup day falls after the holiday, your pickup will be delayed one day. For example: When a holiday falls on a Monday such as Memorial Day and Labor Day, trash will be removed the following day (i.e., Monday pickup moves to Tuesday, Tuesday pickup moves to Wednesday, etc.). For Thanksgiving, pickup is moved to Friday and Friday pickup is moved to Saturday.

For questions, please call Customer Service at (909) 620-2241 Monday through Thursday 7:30 am to 6:00 pm. City Hall is closed on Fridays.

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