Shopping Carts - 909-620-2362

 Abandoned Shopping Cart Retrieval ProgramSupermarket Cart

In an onging effort to keep the City of Pomona beautiful, this service is provided by City staff in the Public Works Department, Solid Waste Division.

Shopping carts abandoned in alleys, streets, sidewalks and other public rights-of-way are a public nuisance in neighborhoods, and are a hazard to pedestrian and vehicular traffic.  Please do your part in reporting any abandoned shopping carts. 

Reporting Phone Number (909) 620-2362

Once reported, the abandoned shopping cart will be picked up within 48 hours. 

Thank you for doing your part to help keep Pomona Vibrant, Safe and Beautiful


 Unauthorized removal of a shopping cart from the store parking lot is a violation of state law (California Business and Professional Code, Section 22435).