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Franchise Haulers

Trash & Recycling Service for Business and Industrygarbage truck driver

Competitive, Non-Exclusive Franchise Haulers

Approved to Operate in Pomona (Ordinance 4225)

Any of the following companies can provide price quotes for commercial weekly bin service and/or roll-off service, for any location in Pomona.  Typical “bins” are 3 cubic yard metal dumpsters and “roll-offs” are 20-foot long metal containers, ranging in size from 20 to 50 cubic yards of capacity.

These companies can also provide bin rental services for residential customers.


1. Athens Services                                                             

   14048 Valley Boulevard
   City of Industry, CA  91716

(888) 336-6100



2. Burrtec Waste Industries, Inc.                                         

    1250 E. Holt Avenue
    Pomona, CA  91766

(909) 620-1353

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



3. Valley Vista Services                                                       

    17445 E. Railroad Street
    City of Industry, CA  91748

(800) 442-6454



4. Waste Management                                                          

    13940 E. Live Oak Avenue
    Baldwin Park, CA  91706

(800) 774-0222




Note: per Ordinance 4225, haulers not on this list are prohibited from operating in Pomona 
 July 1, 2016

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