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Electronic Waste (E-Waste)


E-waste includes products made with Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT’s), which contain high levels of lead and are no longer accepted at the landfill. Don’t throw away old computer or monitor; it has hazardous components that are not allowed in the landfill. Other products containing hazardous electronic materials may include: televisions, hi-fi stereo equipment, VCR’s, DVD’s, cell phones, computer CPU’s and all types of monitors. Because these items cannot be disposed of at the landfill, separate arrangements for collection must me made. These items collected are stripped of all contaminants and then sent to the landfill. The contaminants are sent to a hazardous waste processing plant to be properly disposed of. If you have e-waste to be disposed of, contact the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works at (888) CLEAN LA, the Sanitation District of Los Angeles County at (800) 238-0172 or visit the website at www.lacsd.org.

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