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Storm Water Pollution Prevention

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The storm drain system is comprised of gutters and storm drains which are designed to prevent flooding by moving rain water away from City streets and directly into local rivers (which flow to the ocean). Storm water pollution is occurring because rainwater and urban runoff (such as irrigation) pick up pollutants as it flows across paved surfaces and then carries the pollutants into the storm drain system. The water that enters this system is not ever treated or filtered, and therefore any pollutants washed into the system flow with the water directly into the rivers and to the ocean.

These pollutants contaminate our waterways, making them unsafe for people and wildlife. Toxic chemicals, polluted rivers and beaches, and trash accumulation in the ocean kills plants and animals, costs millions of dollars each year in clean up, and hurts the ability of our community to safely enjoy our environment by creating serious health risks.
The City of Pomona is committed to the protection of our environment and water resources by reducing the impact of pollutants from urban runoff through implementation of its Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program as required by the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit program. The NPDES permit program, as authorized by the Federal Clean Water Act, controls water pollution by regulating what is discharged into waters of the United States.

Common sources of storm water pollution include litter, trash, pet waste, paint residue, organic material (yard waste), fertilizers, pesticides, sediments, construction debris, cooking grease, illegally dumped motor oil, and other harmful fluids. Many of these pollutants come from every day activities and can be easily reduced by using common sense and good housekeeping practices. Good housekeeping measures used to reduce storm water pollution are commonly referred to as Best Management Practices or BMPs.

Certain activities, such as construction and renovation, may require a permit from the City of Pomona. Aspects of such permits may include BMP requirements to minimize water run-off and reduce the potential for storm water pollution.

For more information on which activities may require a permit, please contact:

Pomona City Hall
Building and Safety Department
505 South Garey Avenue
Pomona, CA 91766
Ph: (909) 620-2371

Even when a permit is not required for a particular activity, residents and businesses in Pomona are asked to follow BMPs to reduce the potential for storm water pollution. This cooperation will help ensure the safety and enjoyment of our environment by keeping our storm drain systems clean and free from pollutants.

For Best Management Practices or BMP Fact Sheets, click here:

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