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Area Commander Program


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The Police Department has implementated the Area Commander COPS (Community Oriented Problem Solving)
concept of the Community Policing and has expanded the program further into the community.  The City has
been divided into quadrants using Holt and Garey as the dividing lines.  The quadrant system was used because
we have 4 Lieutenants in the Operations Division assigned to the Watch Commander's office, and one of these
Lieutenants is assigned to each of these quadrants.  The quadrants are broken down to the NorthWest,
NorthEast, SouthWest and the SouthEast portions of the City.  This is the department's step in the process of
spreading Community Policing further into the Police Organization.

The Area Commander COPS concept is designed to accomplish several things.  First, we want everyone to know
who their personal point of contact is in the Police Department.  Is also assigns responsibility to a specific
Lieutenant for problem solving.  Second, it facilitates coordination and prevents the duplication of effort on the
same problem.  Third, in times of shrinking resources, it provides us with a more efficient way of communication
with the public on the topics they need and want to hear about.


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