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Planning My Retirement

retirement planningIf you are approaching retirement, you face many considerations, both personal and financial.  If you would like to learn whether you are financially prepared for retirement, we recommend that you start with the CalPERS Education Center or contact your professional financial advisor. 

Service Retirement Eligibility: 

To be eligible for service retirement, most CalPERS members must be at least age 50 with a minimum of five (5) years of CalPERS-credited service.  To retire, you must not only permanently separate from all CalPERS covered positions, but you must also submit a retirement application. 

Service Retirement Pending Disability Retirement: 

You have the option to apply for a "service" retirement pending your disability or industrial disability retirement - if you qualify for a service retirement.  This would allow you to receive a monthly service retirement allowance while awaiting the determination of your disability application. 

Disability Retirement

If you have a disabling injury or illness that prevents you from performing your usual job duties with the City, you may be eligible for a disability or industrial disability retirement.  You may also be required to show you cannot perform the usual duties of your job with other CalPERS-covered employers.  Disability retirement has no minimum age requirement and your disability does not need to be job related.  However, you must have at least five (5) years of service credit to be eligible for a disability retirement. CalPERS makes the determination if you are disabled and quality for a disability retirement except for local safety members which is made by the City of Pomona.  For more information, refer to the CalPERS publication below "A Guide to Completing Your Disability Retirement Election Application". 

Emergency Disability Retirement:

CalPERS can expedite retirement processing for those who are facing a terminal illness.  If this applies to you, contact CalPERS or the Human Resources Department immediately to discuss an emergency retirement.  CalPERS will make every effort to quickly obtain the necessary information and complete their processing.  However, please be aware that for any post-retirement death benefits to be paid, you must be alive on the effective date of your retirement. 

Industrial Disability Retirement: 

An industrial disability means that you are unable to perform the usual duties of your job with the City of Pomona because of a job-related injury or illness that is expected to be permanent or indefinitely. There is no minimum service or age requirement for an industrial disability retirement.  The determination on a disability or industrial disability retirement application of a Public Safety member is made by the City of Pomona not CalPERS.   

The following page will provide you with information and links to different websites and publications that will assist you in planning your retirement. 



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