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Housing Improvement Programs - 909-620-2368


The City's Housing Programs assist qualified Pomona residents in their efforts to maintain their homes. These programs are designed to assist eligible homeowners to correct existing code violations and to improve conditions in their property.  Through programs such as these, the City carries out its commitment to preserve its affordable housing stock, reduce blighted areas, provide decent, safe, and sanitary housing; and encourage economic development.


Housing Division Programs:










The Substantial Rehabilitation Loan Program is a deferred loan up to $60,000 and bears a 2% to 4% interest rate depending on funding and income. Repayment of the loan is due at the time of title change, resale, refinance with cash out, or non compliance with the program requirements. (Depending on funding source, some loans must be repaid at the end of thirty (30) years from the date of execution of the loan documents). These loans are NOT a conventional equity loan or equity line of credit. Funding must be used to correct code violations or deferred maintenance which may cause code violations in the near future.


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Substantial Rehabiliation Loan Program:

How do I know if I am eligible to apply for this loan?


 The requirements that must be met are as follows:

  1. The property must be a single family detached home and owner-occupied as a principal residence
  2. The annual household income for participation in the HOME programs or CalHome must not exceed the income limits listed below:

    Household Size    HOME & CalHome Income Limits effective 4/25/19    
              1                         $58,450                                       
              2                         $66,800                                       
              3                         $75,150                                       
              4                         $83,500                                       
              5                         $90,200                                      
              6                         $96,900                                     
              7                         $103,550                                    
              8                         $110,250                                     

  3. The property must have equity available to borrow against.
  4. The property must not be encumbered beyond a second trust deed.
  5. The lien encumbrances consisting of the agency trust deed on the subject property after the proposed work must not exceed 90% of the after rehab estimated value.
  6. The value of a HOME funds assisted property, after rehabilitation, must not exceed 95% of the median purchase price for the area, as published by HUD or determined locally through market analysis.
  7. The property taxes must be current.
  8. The property must have hazard insurance and if applicable, flood plain insurance.
  9. Existing mortgages on the property must be current.

Does my property have to meet certain standards?


    1.  The rehabilitation project must meet all applicable state and local codes, ordinances, and zoning ordinances.
    2.  The rehab project must meet the housing rehab program Rehabilitation Standards Specifications.
    3.  If any code corrections are identified during the housing inspection, the owner must agree to address these first before any incipient repairs or general improvements are approved.

What are considered eligible rehabilitation costs?


Hard costs - Eligible rehabilitation costs include:

    •  Correction of Building/Housing code violations (roof, plumbing, heating, electrical)
    •  Repair or replacement of major housing systems
    •  Incipient repairs; code items that may require repair or replacing in one or two years
    •  Modifications for handicapped person
    •  Energy related improvement e.g. dual glazed windows
    •  Utility connections
    •  Removal of lead based paint
    •  Removal of asbestos
    •  In target area rehabilitation projects, paint, sandblast color coat, landscape, driveway, window and screen repair or replacement.
    •  Termite control

Eligible Soft Costs include:

    •  Preliminary title report
    •  Recording fees
    •  Reconveyance fees
    •  Termite/pest control report
    •  Title insurance policy
    •  Relocation cost (temporary)
    •  Building permits
    •  Lead hazard abatement/testing

What are considered ineligible rehabilitation costs?


    •  Swimming pools and spas
    •  Assistance with other financing or other debts or charges on property
    •  Barbecues
    •  Greenhouses
    •  Garage conversions
    •  Other luxury improvements

How do I apply for this loan?



The Housing Department is currently accepting Preliminary Applications for the Substantial Rehabilitation Loan Program Waiting List.   The Waiting list will remain open until the list is full. Preliminary applications will be accepted on a first-come, first serve basis. You are not automatically accepted on the list by submitting the Preliminary Application Form. A notice will be mailed to you informing you if you have or have not been placed on the waiting list.


Preliminary Applications are available at the Housing Counter or click on link below to print preliminary application. To request a Preliminary Application be mailed to you, please call the Housing Department at 909-620-2368

                                     Substantial Rehabilitation Loan Program Preliminary Application

Who determines if I am eligible?


      1. To be placed on the waiting list Homeowners must meet income limits, have equity available, and are requesting eligible home improvements.
      2. Once your name is reached on the waiting list, an application packet is mailed to you requesting its completion and the submittal of required accompanying documents.
      3.  Upon receipt of the application by mail or in person the application will be reviewed. Pre-approval is determined based upon owner and property eligibility.
      4.  The homeowner is advised in writing of the preapproval.

HUD Website: Housing Improvement Program

HOUSING IMPROVEMENT GRANT PROGRAM  *Applications are NOT being Accepted for this program. All funding has been expended.


The Housing Improvement Grant Program funds up to $5,000 for Health & Safety Repairs and Exterior Home Improvements. During the term of this Grant, twenty (20%) of the Grant shall be forgiven each full year provided that the Owner is in good standing and complies with all of the covenants, conditions, and restrictions. The grant is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is a limit of one grant per property.

To qualify for the grant, both the property owner and the property must satisfy specific eligibility criteria. This program is subject to staffing and funding availability.


    • No heating unit or inoperative heating unit
    • No hot or cold running water
    • Inoperative water heater
    • Broken or clogged waste line
    • Deteriorated waterlines resulting in damage caused by leakage
    • Broken or cracked gas line
    • Electrical wiring which is hazardous
    • Tarps for leaky roofs (funding must be available within 30 days to replace the roof)
    • Emergency plumbing repairs
    • Conversions for handicapped persons, such as a wheelchair ramp, grab-bars in bathroom, etc.
    • Inoperative air conditioning (written explanation by physician regarding heath risk to occupants required)

Eligible improvements must create a positive impact to the neighborhood by improving the appearance of the home when viewed from the street. Typical eligible improvements include:

  • Color coating (for existing stucco)
  • Painting
  • Trim repainting
  • Landscaping (front yard and when incidental to other rehabilitation work on the house)
  • Garage door repair/replacement (when attached to the house)
  • Gutters
  • Front doors

 The following items may be eligible if it is determined by Staff as an immediate hazard:

  • Window repair/replacement
  • Eligible health and safety or code violation items
  • Driveway repair/replacement
  • Front yard fences

Health & Safety repairs must first be addressed prior to undertaking any exterior improvments.



 The requirements that must be met are as follows: 

  1. Single-family home located in the City of Pomona (no duplexes, no rentals, no attached units used as living quarters)
  2. Owner-occupied
  3. Fee Title (absolute title of land)
  4. No criminal activity associated with the property
  5. Has not previously received a grant from the City
  6. The gross annual income of the household must not exceed the income limits listed below as defined by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD):

               Household Size    Income Limits  Effective 4/25/19
                           1                  $58,450    
                           2                  $66,800    
                           3                  $75,150    
                           4                  $83,500    
                           5                  $90,200    
                           6                  $96,900    
                           7                  $103,550    
                           8                  $110,250


Preliminary Applications are available at the Housing Counter or click on link below to print preliminary application. To request a Preliminary Application be mailed to you, please call the Housing Department at 909-620-2368  *All funding for the Housing Improvement Grant Program have been exhausted.NO APPLICATIONS ARE BEING ACCEPTED





 The City of Pomona's Cal-Home Manufactured Housing Rehab Loan Program provides loans up to $25,000 for improvements to owner-occupied units throughout approved parks in Pomona. The purpose of the program is to impact park communities with exterior and interior repairs to qualified manufactured housing units. Additionally, the program assists with code violations; health and safety issues, incipient repairs, and general rehabilitation of owner-occupied units. In some instances, Cal-Home Manufactured Housing Rehab Loans can be forgiven after the term of the agreement has been reached. Contact Housing staff for additional details.


 The requirements that must be met are as follows:

    • The property must be owner-occupied as a principal residence
    • Located in a park that has been selected to participate in the program based on an appropriated park rating
    • The annual household income must not exceed the income limits below:

            Household Size    Income Limits  Effective 4/25/19
                       1                    $58,450
                       2                    $66,800
                       3                    $75,150
                       4                    $83,500
                       5                    $90,200
                       6                    $96,900
                       7                    $103,550
                       8                    $110,250


Preliminary Applications are available at the Housing Counter or click on link below to print preliminary application. To request a Preliminary Application be mailed to you, please call the Housing Department at 909-620-2368.  Please verify that the park you live in is a designated park. List is on preliminary applicaition

                                     Manufactured Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program Preliminary Application


 The City of Pomona Housing Division offers CHDO assistance to eligible nonprofit developers for activities such as:

    •  Acquisition and/or rehabilitation of ownership and rental housing
    •  New construction of ownership and rental housing

Minimum Requirements

    •  Eligible CHDOs must be a Not-for-profit corporation with 501 ©(3) or 501 © (4) status designation
    •  Located within a service area which has included Pomona for at least one year
    •  Capable of engaging in the development of affordable housing

Eligible Uses of Home Funds by CHDOs

 Eligible expenses include reasonable and necessary costs for the operation of the community housing development organization. Such costs include salaries, wages, and other employee compensation and benefits; employee education, training, and travel; rent; utilities; communication costs; taxes; insurance; and equipment, materials and supplies as related to affordable housing development.

How Do I Apply

 Interested applicants may obtain a CHDO application/ checklist from the Housing Division.


What is the Lead Education Awareness & Control [LEAC] Program?

 The LEAC Program is funded under the Department of Housing and Urban Development [HUD], Office of Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control. The LEAC Program provides FREE lead testing and lead reduction to help prevent lead poisoning in homes that may contain lead-based paint.

What Types of Properties Are Eligible?

 Lead grants are available for income qualifying families living in a property built prior to January 1, 1978. The home may be a single-family residential unit or a multi-family unit. First priority will be given to families with children under the age of 6 years old.

Family Income Limits?

 Owner-occupants and tenants in rental units must provide proof of income at or below 80% of the area median income [AMI] limits as defined by HUD income limits, as of March 28, 2016.

            Household Size    Income Limits Effective 4/25/19
                       1                   $58,450
                       2                   $66,800
                       3                   $75,150
                       4                   $83,500
                       5                   $90,200
                       6                   $96,900
                       7                   $103,550
                       8                   $110,250

Program Highlights

    • Lead funds are 100% granted with no lien against the property and no payback.
    • Windows//doors repair or replacement, and interior or exterior painting may qualify, if lead based paint hazards are found in your home.
    • Families with children under six years be strongly encouraged to have their child tested for an Elevated Blood Level [EBL], if the home does test positive for lead-based paint.


All LEAC approved applications are Subject to Funding Availability First-come, First-serve basis

"We are currently placing applicants on a LEAD project waiting list."
"Solicitudes del Proyecto Plomo actualmente estan sido puestos en una lista de espera."


How to Apply for FREE Lead Assistance?
Applications may be picked up at the City of Pomona Housing Division Counter in City Hall, 1st Floor, or by contacting the Housing Division at (909) 620-3761. If a Rental unit, the application must be submitted by the owner of the property. 

Applications may be downloaded by clicking below

Lead Application Packet     Protect Your Family From Lead Brochure    Renovate Right Brochure

Lead Based Paint Housing Registry

This is a list of housing units that were lead-safe at the date indicated. 

City of Pomona makes no warranties as to the current condition of the property.  Owners, Tenants, or others may have created lead hazards since the lead evaluation date.
Frequently Asked Questions Spanish  
Frequently Asked Questions English  

What is lead poisoning?
 Lead poisoning is still the number one environmental health threat to children under the age of six. Deteriorated lead-base paint which is "chipping or peeling" is the leading cause of lead poisoning within communities. Most children are poisoned through continuous, low-level exposures, which can cause many development problems including reduced IQ, hyperactivity, impaired growth, learning disabilities and behavior problems.

How can I Get the Lead Out of My Home?
 The "LEAC Program" is an effort to help reduce lead poisoning in homes where children under the age of six live. If you are eligible, you may qualify to have your home rehabilitated to reduce and/or eliminate lead-based paint health hazards-at no cost to you.

How Do I Know if My Family Is In Danger?
 If your home was built before 1978, it is presumed by State Law to be a lead hazard, until it is tested by a Lead Certified Contractor. Older homes are even more likely to have lead-based paint and lead-based paint hazard conditions. Most children with lead poisoning may have learning, growth, and behavior problems, although they may not look or act sick. The only way to know if your children have lead poisoning is to have them take a simple blood test. All children under six years of age should receive a blood test by age two [2] from their primary care doctor.

How Do I Qualify

 You may be eligible if:

    • Your home was built before 1978
    • You have children under the age of six living in or frequently visiting your home
    • You earn a low income, as defined by HUD income limits
    • You have rental property occupied by low-income residents
    • The painted surfaces of your home are chipping or peeling

How Can the Program Make My Home Safe from Lead-Based Paint Hazards?

 The "LEAC Program" will test your home for lead hazards and provide improvements to help make your home "lead safe" if lead-based paint hazards are found by offering these FREE services:

    • Performing a complete lead dust clean-up using a special vacuum cleaner, or
    • Repairing and/or removing any parts of your home that have lead-based paint, such as windowsills, frames, doors and repairing or replacing them, or
    • Placing a solid barrier over all lead-based paint surfaces, so that no one can reach them, or
    • Removing damaged lead-based paint and repainting with a "non-lead-based paint"


You may contact Pomona Housing at 909-620-2368 for more information.

For More Information Call - 1- 800-LA- 4 - LEAD Los Angeles County Department of Health Services Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

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