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Life Events – How to Enroll and Change Benefits

It is your responsibility to notify Human Resources immediately upon a change in family status. These changes include: marriage, birth of a child, address changes, etc.  If you are covering an ineligible dependent on medical, dental or vision insurance you will be financially responsible for any medical, dental or vision services the person received while in an ineligible status.

Example of ineligible dependents:

  • Former spouses/former registered domestic partners
  • Children age 26 or older
  • Disabled children over age 26 who were never enrolled or who were deleted from coverage
  • Foster children
  • Children of a former spouse/former registered domestic partner
  • Grandparents
  • Parents

For more information about how these events can impact your coverage or benefits and to obtain the necessary forms, choose the life event from the list below: 


tn life events2 Getting Married or Registering a
Domestic Partner
Birth or Adoption of a Child
Removing a Dependent Child Getting a Divorce or Terminating a
Domestic Partnership
Adding or Changing Beneficiaries Changing My Name
Moving Becoming Disabled
Becoming Terminally Ill
Separating from Employment



















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