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Leave of Absence without Pay


Reasons for Leave:

Employees who have successfully completed their original probationary period may submit to the appropriate immediate supervisor a written request for a leave of absence without pay.  A leave of absence without pay shall: 

  •   Normally not exceed a period of one (1) year; 
  •   Be for the specific purpose of:
    •   Obtaining improved job training;
    •   Recuperating from an extended illness for which all available leave has been exhausted; or
    •   Attending to urgent personal affairs.

Lenght of Leave: 

In a case of special or extenuating circumstances, an employee may apply for additional leave for a specific period of time.  The City shall have sole discretion to approve or disapprove any such request or any extension of said approved leave. In no case shall the original leave and extension exceed one (1) year. 


  • Benefits will end on the last day of the month following the effective date of the Leave of Absence without Pay.  Employees who wish to continue coverage will be responsible for paying the full premiums for those plans they wish to continue. 
  • Human Resources will provide you with all the necessary paperwork or you can download the Direct Payment Authorization Form

Catastrophic Policy - Leave Donations: 

Employees who have exhausted all accrued time may apply for Catastrophic Leave Donations.  The leave of absence without pay will run concurrently with Catastrophic donations.  Please refer to appropriate Memorandum of Understanding and Catastrophic Leave Donation Section of this website. 

NOTE:  Employees who take leave of absence without pay will have their "Hire Date" adjusted by the number of days without pay, affecting their seniority. 

If you have any questions about requesting for a Leave of Absence with or without pay and how this leave may or may not affect your benefits, please contact the Human Resources Department. 

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