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Administration - 909-620-2261



The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance and improvements of the City’s infrastructure and capital improvement program (CIP). The Department consists of five Divisions: Administration, Engineering, Public Services (Streets and Solid Waste), Parks & Facilities, and Fleet Maintenance.


Air Quality Compliance Education

The Air Quality Compliance Program was initiated to consolidate all efforts related to state and federal mandated air quality compliance programs. This program will oversee the Air Quality Management Fund, Rule 2202.

Phone Number: 909-620-2261


Metrolink Subsidy Program

Did you know that the City of Pomona offers subsidized transportation services for residents of all ages? The City provides a $60 subsidy for Pomona residents currently riding the Metrolink.

  • Reduce your transit cost
  • Support Metrolink
  • Encourage mass transit
  • Help reduce air pollution



 Metrolink/Foothill Transit Station
 on Commercial Avenue in
 Downtown Pomona



Discounted tickets, leaving from the Pomona stations, can be purchased from the Foothill Transit Store at 100 West Commercial Avenue in Pomona. All you will need is to prove your residency. Bring your driver's license or a photo ID and a utility bill that includes your name and address.

If a Pomona resident needs to purchase a discounted ticket that departs from another station, other than from Pomona, a request in writing needs to be submitted for review and approval, specifying the following: 1) Name including contact information, 2) Number of tickets requested, 3) From what station to what station ticket is needed. The request can be mailed to Public Works Department, c/o Metrolink Subsidy Program, 505 South Garey Avenue, Pomona, CA 91769. If request is approved, the discounted ticket can then be purchased at the Foothill Transit Store with an ID and a utility bill.

For further information on the Metrolink Subsidy Program, contact the City’s Public Works Department at 909-620-2288.

Ride Metro and Help us improve our Air Quality.


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