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Street Sweeping


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Similar to many other local cities, the City of Pomona has a street sweeping program to reduce the amount of pollution reaching its storm drains.  Regular street sweeping is one of the most cost-effective methods used to remove debris, sediment, petroleum products, trash and vegetation which accumulate in gutters and on streets.  An effective program is important for removing debris which could ultimately end up in the storm drains. Keeping the storm drains clear not only helps to mitigate water pollution, but also reduces the likelihood of flooding during heavy rain.


The City of Pomona provides street sweeping on public streets in neighborhoods at varying times.  Signs are posted on neighborhood streets for your scheduled street sweeping.  Residents are required to remove their vehicles from the street during this time.Additionally, street sweeping is completed on main thoroughfares throughout the City. Clean streets keep storm drains clear of debris, reduce the potential for flooding, and prevent pollutants from reaching the ocean.


Why Does The City Have Street Sweeping? 

There are several reasons for the City conducting the street sweeping. Primarily, there are federal and local mandates, including the Federal Clean Water Act, which require that the City help prevent pollution from entering local waters.

Additionally, street sweeping benefits the community by collecting and removing debris (paper, leaves and other visible objects) that collect in the gutters. This debris can block storm water inlets, causing localized flooding during heavy rains that pollute local water systems. An equally important, but less visible benefit is the removal of metal particles, oil and other hazardous products left behind by passing and parked vehicles. Although virtually invisible, these particles can be extremely harmful to the environment.

Street sweeping removes tons of debris annually from the streets and contaminants that would otherwise remain in the street and eventually end up in the ocean or ground water.


Why do I need to move my car during Street Sweeping?

Moving vehicles off a street scheduled for sweeping allows City crews to thoroughly clean the street from curb-to-curb. One parked car equals nearly three car lengths of space that can’t be swept because the street sweeping equipment must leave room to avoid it. This can result in debris building up on the roadway and entering the storm drain which can cause flooding during heavy rains and contribute to water pollution.


How will I know when my street will be swept?

The City of Pomona provides street sweeping on public streets in neighborhoods at various times. Additionally, regular street sweeping is completed on main thoroughfares throughout the City with no parking restrictions. The City has posted “No Parking” signs on each street in every neighborhood for scheduled days and hours of street sweeping.

Where can I park during a street sweeping day?

Every vehicle needs to be removed from the street on street sweeping days during the designated sweeping time. Parking in your driveway is most convenient. However, if your driveway is full, make arrangements with a neighbor, or check adjoining neighborhoods not scheduled for the same street sweeping day. It is also important for you to remind any service providers at your home or business (gardener, pool cleaner, etc.) of the street sweeping schedule and that their vehicle cannot be parked on the street.

Can I park my car back on the street after the street sweeper goes by?

No. You cannot park on the street between the posted hours of 8am and 12pm. Signage will be enforced as posted. No exceptions. 

Do you enforce street sweeping on observed Holidays?

No, we do not enforce on observed holidays. If the observed holiday falls on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, street sweeping will not be enforced that week due to the trash pickup delay.

*An “observed” holiday refers to specific holidays such as New Year’s Day, MLK Birthday, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, day before Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. Refer to the Holiday Schedule for Street Sweeping Service on the City’s website each year for details. 

Do you enforce street sweeping on rainy days?

Yes, the street sweepers work rain or shine.

Why are citations issued?

Citations are issued when your vehicle is not moved off the street as noted on the posted 'No Parking on Street Sweeping Days' sign.  If there are no signs posted, contact Public Works Engineering Counter at 909-620-2281 for information on requesting new signs.


Who do I talk with about a citation I received?

Click here for information on how to dispute a citation.


What can I do to help reduce water pollution?

The City's street sweeping program is only part of the solution to water pollution and flood prevention. You can do your part by being aware of what you can do to help:


  • Do not overwater lawns, trees and vegetation. Overwatering your lawn can wash pesticides, fertilizers, motor oil and yard clippings into the gutter and storm drain where it heads straight to the ocean.
  • Avoid wet cleaning activities which can flush debris into the street and gutters. Utilize dry cleaning methods wherever possible and dispose of debris in an appropriate refuse container.
  • Do not sweep anything into the gutter or street. Blowing leaves and dirt into the gutter makes it difficult for the sweeping crews to clean the streets.
  • Rake leaves and either compost them or place them in the green can for recycling.
  • Remember to move your vehicle on sweeping days.
  • Abandoned vehicles can be reported through the police non-emergency number 909-622-1241.
  • Make sure your vehicles are properly maintained. Clean up vehicle fluid leaks as quickly as possible.




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