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Volunteer Information

Area Commanders



Each of the Watch Commanders is responsible for problem solving the issues that develop in their assigned quadrants,
by utilizing not only the resources within the Police Department, but also 
by coordinating services from other City
Departments as needed that might be helpful in solving 
the problem.

The quadrants are listed as the following:

Northwest Quadrant
Northeast Quadrant
Southwest Quadrant
Southeast Quadrant

The Area Commanders have also been assigned voicemail boxes and email addressed specificallyfor each of their areas
in order to facilitate communication with the citizens in their area.

Watch Commander Areas July 2020

 A Community Service Officer from the Community Programs Unit is assigned to each of the four quadrants to work
closely with the Area Commanders and provide consistency to the citizens.  It is the
responsibility of the Community
Service Officer (CSO) assigned to the quadrant being covered to
coordinate the presentations.  This is an effort to
disseminate the information more efficiently.

Each month, on a rotating basis, Area Commander meetings are held in each Commander's respective portion of the
City as well our popular Coffee with a Cop.  Although the meetings are geared to the citizens living in a specific
of the City, the meeting is open to everyone.  The meetings are facilitated by the AreaCommander responsible for
that particular quadrant of the City.

Thank you for your assistance as we work to improve our service to the Community.

Executive Command Staff


The Executive Command Staff of the Pomona Police Department consists of five key individuals: Chief of Police, the Deputy Police Chief, two Captains and a Police Civilian Division Commander.

tn IMG 5822

Michael Ellis
Chief of Police

tn hsu

 Christian Hsu
  Deputy Police Chief 


tn cooper small

Captain Dennis Cooper
Investigative Services

tn richelle

Richelle Baptista
Police Civilian Division Commander
Administrative Services

tn Captain Vasquez 4X6jpg

Captain Eddie Vazquez
Operation Services


The Chief of Police, with his command staff, is responsible for setting and administering all department policies and procedures as well as overseeing the 24-hour operation of the department and all services to the community.

Community Briefing Videos

Community Briefing Videos


(OIS 2020-03) July 5, 2020

To view the video visit: https://youtu.be/Z45BZp-mhUI

Para ver el video en español, visite: https://youtu.be/d2pRXn4auPA


(OIS 2020-02) June 29, 2020

To view the video, visit: https://youtu.be/1HzWqmnBinY

Para ver el video en español, visite: https://youtu.be/T07xGruBX7g


(OIS 2020-01) March 30, 2020

To view the video, visit https://youtu.be/ygMTJFfNjTM

Para ver el video en español, visite: https://youtu.be/m9Lo6dahJyg

Online Citizen Reporting

tn coplnkWelcome to the Pomona Police Department Citizens Online Police Reporting System. If this is an Emergency please call 911. Using this online citizen police report system allows you to submit a report immediately and print a copy of the police report for free. Please confirm the following to find out if online citizen police report filing is right for you:  

  • This is not an Emergency?
  • This incident occurred within the Pomona Police Department City limits?
  • There are No Known suspects?
  • This did not occur on a State Freeway?

If you answered yes to all of the above questions, you are ready to file your report online. Please make sure to turn off your pop-up blocking software before filing the report. If you answered no to any of the questions please look at our Online Citizen Police Report Frequently Asked Questions section.

Upon completion of this report process you will:

  • See the words: "Your online police report has been submitted" showing that your police report is complete.
  • Be given a police report case number.
  • Be able to print a copy of the police report to keep for your records.

Please Note:

  • All cases filed using the Citizens Online Police Reporting System will be reviewed.
  • Upon review, if further investigation of your case is needed, you may be contacted.
  • Filing a false police report is a crime.

Using the Pomona Police Department Police Online Citizen Reporting System you can report the following incidents: Child Custody Reports, Harassing Phone Calls, Hit and Run, Lost Property, Theft, Vandalism, Vehicle Burglary and Vehicle Tampering.


Note: If you have any evidence that may lead to the possible identification of a suspect, you need to call Pomona Police Dispatch (909) 622-1241 to have an officer respond to take your report.  You cannot file the report online.

 Make Report (English)   /   Make Report (Spanish)



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