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Volunteer Information

Explorer Program





What Is Police Exploring?

The primary purpose of the Police Explorer program is to provide young adults with an interest in a law enforcement
career with some hands on experience.

Police exploring is for young adults who want to be where the action is, and to be a part of it.  If you want to discover
the world and yourself, if you believe that the world could be better than it is...you should become an Explorer!

There are opportunities for both males and females.  Many of our explorers have gone into careers in law enforcement.

Explorer Activities

Explorer training is in the field of law enforcement and has been developed to provide the explorer with a basic
understanding of the many services necessary in order to function as a public safety agency.

Much of the training will help the Explorers to gain a better understanding of themselves and the people as a police
agency must serve.

As a part of the training, the Explorer will receive many job assignments in various areas throughout the department
Patrol ride-a-longs, traffic control, searches, jail procedures, report writing, communications, records, community

Along with the training the Explorer will be expected to participate in many other Post activities such as:  Drill team,
field trips to other agencies, parades, L.A. County Fair missing children detail, and other activities planned by the

What You Will Learn:

Teamwork, Confidence, Discipline, First Aid, Traffic Control, Self Defense, Report Writing, Penal Code...

Explorer Post 160 Logo 

How To Become An Explorer

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Police Exploring has been the start of many law enforcement careers.  Because of this, anyone accepted into the Police Explorer Post must possess or be capable of attaining, the mental and physical requirements of the law enforcement positions.

Age: 14 to 20
Weight: Proportionate to height
Health: Excellent, with no permanent limiting conditions
Education: Must maintain a "C" average in high school or have a High School Diploma.  Those persons accepted into the Post will be required to graduate from the Orange County Sheriff's Explorer Academy within the first year. The Explorer Academy is a five day live-in academy, which is held twice a year (a winter academy in February and a summer academy in August).
Conduct: No felony convictions, current or past illegal drug use and good personal conduct.  (Explorers will be required to have a record check).

Sign Up Now

The Pomona Police Explorers are now accepting applications.  Fill in the blanks on the attached application and mail it to us along with a copy of your report card or transcript.

You can also contact Officer Harry Jung, Volunteer Coordinator at (909)620-3641 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pomona Police Explorer
Post #160
490 W. Mission Boulevard
Pomona, CA  91766

If your application is accepted, you will be notified when to report and complete the application process.

You must have the full approval and be assured of the assistance of the parents or guardian.


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