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Volunteer Information

Hiring Process

Thank you for visiting our web page. This section will assist you in applying for jobs with the City. Please note that the City accepts online job applications for open recruitments only. Application materials are reviewed for relevant education, training and experience. Those applicants best meeting the City's needs will be invited to participate in a selection process which may include a written exam, performance exam, oral board interview and/or other selection processes. Depending upon the applicant pool, all applicants meeting the minimum qualifications will not necessarily be selected to participate in the hiring process. Applicants deemed as “most qualified” are based upon a competitive evaluation of information provided on the application.

For additional information regarding completing an online application, please refer to the Online Employment Application Guide for step-by-step instructions.
Application: Prior to submitting a completed job application, be sure to read the respective job annoucement for further instructions. Some recruitments may require additional information such as a designated supplemental questionnaire or a typing certificate. Incomplete applications will result in disqualification. False statements are cause for rejection of application, removal of name from eligibility list, or dismissal from employment. Resumes & hard copy applications are not accepted in lieu of an online City application.
Applicant Notices: Applicants will receive all correspondence via e-mail. If you have a change of e-mail address, address, or phone number, please ensure the information is updated using our online system.
Eligibility List: Candidates who successfully complete all phases of the selection process will be placed on an eligibility list. Current and future vacancies are filled from these lists. Lists typically last 12 months but may be extended or cancelled based upon the needs of the City.
Fingerprinting: All potential employees are required to pass a background check conducted via fingerprint checks through the Department of Justice. A full disclosure of convictions is to the applicant’s advantage and a criminal record does not constitute automatic disqualification from employment unless there is business justification. Factors such as age of the crime, the candidate’s age at the time, nature and gravity of the act, and the nature of the job and the relationship between the crime(s) and the job. Any conviction or court records which are exempt by a valid court order do not have to be included in addition to convictions of Health and Safety Code Sections, 11357, 11360, 11364, or 11365 (marijuana offenses) if the conviction occurred prior to January 1, 1976.
Typing Certificates: If applicable, scan and submit the typing certificate as an attachment to the online application or mail the certificate within one week of submitting an online application. Save your original certificate. Typing Cert Requirementspdf icon
Degree Verification: If applicable, official degree verification will be conducted prior to receiving an offer of employment.
Driver Licenses: If applicable, an applicant’s driver’s license record review will be conducted prior to receiving a final offer of employment. Positions that require driving as a job duty must submit a Driver License Record from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) during the selection process. Applicants will be notified when to submit the record request.
Department of Transportation (DOT): Positions requiring a Class A or Class B driver's license perform safety sensitive duties and are, therefore, subject to the City's random alcohol and controlled substance testing program in accordance with Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. The DOT requires alcohol and controlled substance testing information related to a random DOT drug-testing program from a previous employer for the two years preceding employment with the City of Pomona.
Medical Requirements: A medical examination is required of anyone appointed to a position. Failure to pass any phase including medical, psychological or background examination may be cause for rejection or for removal from the eligiblity list.

Note: The City of Pomona recognizes that its future depends on the health and safety of all employees. The misuse and abuse of drugs and alcohol poses a serious threat to all Pomona employees and citizens. To provide safeguards to employees and citizens, all prospective new hires will be tested for substance use.
Verfication of Right to Work: Successful candidates shall be required to complete a verification form designated by the Department of Homeland Security, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services that certifies they are eligible for employment in the United States of America.
Loyalty Oath: All City employees are required to sign a loyalty oath in accordance with California Government Code Section 3100 upon employment.
Equal Opportunity Employer: The City of Pomona is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The City does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, ancestry, national origin, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, disability, or protected rights exercised. Equal employment opportunity will apply to all personnel actions, including, but not limited to, recruitment, selection, training, transfers, promotions, evaluation, compensation, discipline, layoffs, terminations, rehires, other terms of employment.
Americans with Disabilities Act: An applicant requiring reasonable accommodation during the application and selection process due to a qualified disability must inform the Human Resources Department at 909-620-2291 in advance (prior to the closing date of the recruitment). 
Provisions of Job Annoucements: The provisions of any job announcement do not constitute a contract expressed or implied, and any provisions contained therein may be modified or revoked without notice.
Contact Information
The Human Resources Department is located at 505 S. Garey Avenue, Pomona, 91766. The office is open from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Thursday, City Hall is closed Fridays. 
 Human Resources Main Number: 909-620-2291
Human Resources FAQs


General Questions


How do I apply for City jobs?
The City of Pomona accepts online applications for “open” positions ONLY. Open positions are posted on the Job Opportunities web page and in the Human Resources Department Lobby, 505 S. Garey Avenue. An online City application must be submitted for each available position for which you wish to apply. A paper application or resume may not be submitted in lieu of an online application. Individuals requesting reasonable accommodation will be required to provide documentation of such a need with their application. 
Is there an application deadline?
The closing date for each opportunity is listed in the closing date column on the Current Job Opportunities web page. Applications must be received by 5:30 p.m. on the closing date listed. Once the position closes, it will be removed from the website and applications will not be accepted. All applications must be received by the filing deadline. All applications received by the filing deadline will be screened. Note: Resumes alone will not be accepted in lieu of an official City application.  Some job announcements indicate “Open Until Further Notice” as the closing date. These opportunities remain open until the City determines it has received a sufficient number of applications. “Open Until Further Notice” requirements may close at any time without prior notice.
What is the selection process?
The selection process and timelines vary by recruitment. Selection processes may include one or more of the following: minimum qualifications screening, qualification screening based on application (training and experience or “T&E”), written examination, physical agility examination, oral examination, practical examination or assessment center. Applicants who successfully complete all phases of the selection process will be placed on an eligibility list. All or part of the eligibility list is forwarded (referred) to the department(s) with current vacancies for that position. Eligibility lists are typically valid for 12 months, but may be extended or cancelled based upon the needs of the City.
How will I be notified of my application status? 
All correspondence is done via electronic mail (e-mail).
I'm applying for a position that requires a typing certificate. What do I do? 
Refer to the job announcement and click on the link Typing Certificate Requirements. Typing certificates may be scanned and submitted as an attachment to the online application or mailed to the Human Resources Department within one week of submitting the online application. If mailed, write the title of the position and your name on the top right corner of the certificate. 
The Human Resources Department will verify an original certified typing certificate prior to giving a conditional offer of employment. The original certificate must be issued within one year prior to the application date by an accredited school or agency.  
Please note that typing certificates obtained over the Internet are NOT acceptable.  The Human Resources Department does not keep typing certificates on file to be used by applicant for future job applications.  Typing certificates may be obtained from agencies other than the agencies we list on the Typing Certificate Requirements sheet.
The certificate must contain: 
    • Agency’s official emblem
    • Address and telephone number of agency 
    • Name of applicant
    • Number of net words per minute 
    • Number of errors
    • Date of certificate
    • Signature of person certifying the certificate
How will I know if my application was accepted using the online system?
Any time you submit an online application; there is automatic confirmation that your application submittal was successful.  
How will I know if I get invited to the testing process?
It may take three (3) to four (4) weeks from the recruitment closing date for the Human Resources Department to complete the screening process. All correspondence such as result of screening, scheduling testing, or result of testing is done via e-mail. 
 At any time during the course of the recruitment process, you may check the status of your application by logging into your account at  After you log in, click on the Application Status tab and then click on status for the appropriate position. 
It is important that e-mail addresses and phone numbers provided on the job application remain current since this information is used to schedule testing and interviews. We recommend you save our e-mail address (received from the confirmation e-mail) as a contact to ensure future e-mails are not sent to your junk e-mail folder. 
What is an Eligibility List and how does it work?
The Eligibility List is an employment list from which hiring appointments are made. It is created based on the results of the testing process for a particular recruitment. Candidates successful in the testing process are placed on an Eligibility List. From the Eligibility List, the Human Resources Department then creates a Certified Eligibility List of the top 20 applicants based on their final test scores. The Certified Eligibility List does not include test scores and lists candidates in alphabetical order. The Certified Eligibility List is then referred to the hiring department for review and coordination of selection interviews. The hiring department has the discretion on selecting candidates to participate in the department selection process, including an interview with the Department Director or his/her designee(s). 
When does an Eligibility List expire?
An Eligibility List may be valid for up to twelve (12) months. 
How will I know if I'm selected for the job?
The Human Resources Department contacts the selected candidate by telephone. Reference checks, degree verification, and background checks may be required prior to being given a Conditional Job Offer of Employment. The remaining candidates on a Certified Eligibility List are notified that the position was filled after the selected candidate has passed all the pre-employment processes and coordination of start date has been established. This process could take up to three weeks.
Do I have to resubmit an application for a similar job, just a different title?
YES. Human Resources must receive an application for each position for which there is a job announcement. 
I see you have various types of jobs. Can I submit an application for any of these positions at any time?
NO. The Human Resources Department will only accept applications for those positions that are currently under active recruitment (open recruitments). However, you may submit an online interest card to be notified when a particular job opens. Submit an online Job Interest Card. When the recruitment for that job is posted, you will receive an e-mail notification.

Online Application Process using NEOGOV

May I attach a resume, cover letter, or additional information to my application?
YES. You may attach one or two documents to the application. It must be in Word (doc) or Adobe (pdf) format and must be no larger than 1MB. You may also cut and paste, or type text into the ‘Resume’ field of the application. If applicable, submit your typing certificate as an attachment. 
How much employment history should I include in my application?
List your complete employment history for the past ten (10) years starting with your most recent employer. List all positions held, including military experience, part-time, summer, and/or volunteer work; do not omit any employers. Explain any gaps in employment. You must include job related duties on your application even if you have included a resume. 
How can I edit or delete information on my online job application?
From the Job Opportunities web page, click on the position you have already applied for if the position is still open. You will be asked to log in, select the position in which you would like to edit, you may then edit any section of the application you like, including your resume. You may not edit your application after the recruitment closes. 
What do I do if I experience technical difficulties?
Please allow yourself plenty of time to apply online in case of technical difficulties. The City of Pomona is not responsible for technical difficulties unrelated to the designed functionality of this website. For this reason we encourage applicants not to wait until the last minute to complete the application. Please refer to the Online Employment Application Guide for step-by-step application instructions.
How do I check the status of my application?
 Go to and click on the “Career Seekers” tab. Enter your user name and password. Click on “Application Status” and you will see the list of positions you have applied for and the status of each application.
What if I don't have a computer?
 Computer(s) are available in City Hall, Human Resources Department and the Pomona City Library located at 625 S. Garey Avenue.


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