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Volunteer Information

Public Services (Streets)

Streets  909-620-3665


Phillips Ranch Assessment District Presentation from the June 7, 2017 District 5 - Community Meeting

Please click file to review the Presentation (pdf)


 Graffiti Removal

  • The Graffiti Removal Program removes graffiti from public and private structures throughout the City of Pomona. Graffiti personnel are assigned by geographical areas. Graffiti reports are received through phone inquiries or by field inspections. The 24-hour Graffiti Reporting Line was established for residents to report incidents of graffiti and has proven to be an asset to the program.

          Mainline: 909-620-3665
          Grafitti Reporting Line: 909-620-2265

Right of Way Clean-Ups

  • The Right-of-Way Clean-up Program is responsible for the elimination of weeds, volunteer trees, and other plants growing on over 400 miles of streets and right-of-ways, in city medians, parkways, parks, and vacant city-owned property. Limited rodent and insect control is included in this program.

          Mainline: 909-620-3671

Street Maintenance

  • The Street Maintenance Program maintains City streets, sidewalks, bridges, and curbs and gutters to ensure proper condition for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The type of work performed includes pothole repairs, asphalt resurfacing and concrete curb, gutter, sidewalk and pavement repair. The City maintains 400 miles of streets within Pomona.

          Mainline: 909-620-3665

Street Maintenance Administration

  •  It is the function of the Street Maintenance Administration Program to provide management leadership in the planning, and implementation of street and facility maintenance services.

           Mainline: 909-620-3665

Street Sweeping

  • The Street Sweeping Program is responsible for the removal of dirt and debris from the City's residential and arterial streets, and business and commercial areas. All streets are swept twice a month. The downtown business area bordered by Monterey Street, Palomares Street, Mission Boulevard, and Park Avenue is swept two times a week.

          Holiday Schedule - Street Sweeping Servicepdf icon

                  Street Sweeping Mappdf icon           

          Mainline: 909-620-3665

Street Tree Maintenance

  • The Street Tree Maintenance Program is responsible for the structural appearance and maintenance of approximately 30,000 trees located within the public rights-of-way and parks. Systematic trimming of City trees is performed using a grid system divided by Council District. Additional responsibilities include removal of dead, diseased and hazardous trees, and planting of new trees. Staffing consists of a two-person City crew. Staff oversees an outside contractor who performs major grid trimming and other tree services.

Tree Trimming Map


Tree Trimming Schedule

  Tree Hotline: 909-620-3759 


Traffic Paint & Sign

  • The Traffic Paint and Sign Section is part of the Public Works Street Division and is responsible for the fabrication, installation, and maintenance of all regulatory, warning, guide, and street name signs pertaining to vehicular and pedestrian traffic control. All street signs are maintained in accordance with the State Traffic Manual and the Federal Manual for Uniform Traffic Control, as well as the legends on highways and streets.

          Mainline: 909-620-3665

Traffic Signal & Street Light Maintenance

  • The Traffic Signal and Street Light Maintenance Division is responsible for the installation and maintenance of all City-owned streetlights, traffic signals and street name signs. All traffic signals are maintained in accordance with the State Maintenance Manual (CALTRANS) and the manufacturers' recommendations.
  • This program includes routine maintenance of traffic signals, traffic signal indicators, and vehicular and pedestrian detection devices. The program also provides extraordinary maintenance on an emergency basis to repair damaged traffic signal indications, poles downed or damaged, or malfunctioning traffic signals.
  • There are 191 signalized intersections in the City, 27 of which are owned and maintained by the State and 9 are maintained by other agencies. The 155 City-owned signalized intersections are maintained 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. The program also provides all general maintenance, alterations, and repairs associated with the more than 6,500 City-owned street and parking lot lights. Services provided include lamp replacement and repair of circuits as well as restoration of damaged structures.

          Mainline: 909-620-2395

Public Services (Parks)

Parks    909-620-3759


Landscape Median Maintenance

  • The Landscaped Median Maintenance Program is responsible for all landscape in medians and areas assigned, which include:  South Campus Drive, underpasses, Metrolink Stations, Regional Transit Center, Short Street parking lot, Gordon Street Mall, Humane Way overpass, Thomas Street and Linden Street Plazas, medians on North White, Temple, and North Garey Avenues, the Second Street Mall, various Police Department facilities.  The service is performed by a Contractor, and administered by City staff.

          Mainline: 909-620-3759

Park and Landscape Maintenance

  • The Park and Landscape Maintenance Program is responsible for the landscape maintenance of all City parks, Civic Center Plaza, historical sites, water site landscape, green waste recycling, and compliance with pesticide laws. This program performs repair, maintenance, and installation of irrigation systems, backflow prevention checks and repairs, daily maintenance of park restrooms and picnic facilities, parking lots, tennis and basketball courts, and other developed areas. This program also oversees coordination of volunteer groups that include the Volunteer Center (court referrals), the California Conservation Corps, neighborhood and youth group organizations.

          Mainline: 909-620-3759


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