2377 N. Garey Avenue

2377 N. Garey Avenue WIRE 2511 2015

2377 N. Garey Avenue - Project Number (WIRE 2511-2015)  - Status - In Review


Project Description

     The applicant, Spectrum Services, Inc. for Verizon Wireless, is requesting a Major Wireless Communications Facility (WIRE 2511-2015) permit to construct a new 65’-2” high stealth wireless tower with three sectors containing four antennas (12 antennas total), two GPS Antennas, four remote radio units (RRU) per sector (12 RRU’s total), and two parabolic antennas. The wireless tower equipment will be installed within a 16’-4” x 23’ tower lease area towards the rear of the site, adjacent to Pine Street. The ground equipment enclosure will be constructed of decorative block and cap and treated with anti-graffiti. The applicant has worked with staff to provide a stealth tower with public art that would be suitable for the Transit Oriented District of the Pomona Corridors Specific Plan (PCSP) in anticipation of future Transit Oriented development as envisioned by the PCSP and General Plan. Artwork on the exterior of the tower will be required to be reviewed by the Cultural Arts Commission. The tower is located away from Garey Avenue, thus would have the least visual impact possible.

      The subject site current is developed with a commercial building (Daily Doughnuts) along Garey Avenue and a surface off-street parking lot along the side a rear of the building. As a part of the proposed project, staff requested that upgrades be made to the existing building and parking area, including new exterior paint on the building, new landscaping, and the parking area to be resurfaced and restriped to City standards. A condition of approval has been included, which requires the applicant to plant an additional tree within the existing planter located to the south property line. The existing block wall along the rear property line, adjacent to Pine Street will be removed as part of the project. The two existing trees located along Pine Avenue will be removed and replaced. The proposed freestanding wireless communication facility designed as a stealth tower will be designed and developed in a manner that is aesthetically sensitive to the surrounding neighborhood envisioned as a Transit Oriented District by the City. All the antennas and related transmitting equipment will be screened within the proposed tower and all the related equipment cabinets will be screened behind a decorative block wall enclosure.


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