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148 N. Huntington Street- Project Number (CUP 7491-2017)  - Status - In Review


Project Description

     The City of Pomona is requesting a Conditional Use Permit (CUP 7491-2017) for the construction of a new consolidated water and wastewater operation corporate yard facility including an administration building, employee support training building, warehouse, material storage area, yard bins, and a trash recycling collection area.The City is proposing to construct a new, consolidated Water and Wastewater Operations corporate yard facility on the site of the existing corporate yard facility. On the Annex Lot (the westerly portion of the site), an administration building, an employee support and training building, and a warehouse would be built, totaling approximately 19,928 square feet. On the Water Yard Lot (the central portion of the site), a material storage area, yard bins, workshops and a trash and recycling collection area would be constructed, totaling approximately 15,630 square feet in the C-IND (Commercial and Industrial) and O (Publicly Owned Land) zones.

     The Project will be phased to accommodate the remediation efforts that are required for contamination associated with the former Pomona Manufactured Gas Plant operated on this site from 1887 to 1917. The remediation efforts will be undertaken by the Southern California Gas Company under regulatory guidance of the California Department of Toxic Substances Controls which will consist of the excavation, removal, and off-site treatment of approximately 10,000 Cubic Yards (CYs) of soil. An estimated additional 3,000 tons of clean soils may be excavated as part of geotechnical engineering requirements for support of structures this site. All existing buildings on the westerly and central portions of the site will be demolished before the excavation of impacted soils can proceed. All existing asphalt and concrete curbs, gutters and swales in the parking and vehicle storage areas will be removed in this area. To accommodate Water/Wastewater Operations at the site, the demolition will be done in two separate phases. Existing structures and facilities on the easterly portion of the existing yard facility, such as the old stables building, will not be altered by this project.

     The proposed project will be located on a portion of the City Yard property located along Commercial Street between Huntington Street and Hamilton Boulevard, and on Huntington Street north of Commercial Street to Monterey Avenue. Several structures on the property nearest to White Avenue will not be altered or removed as a result of the project. The replacement of the old structures on the City Yard, and the remediation of the site, are both necessary to enable the City to perform the various functions of the City Yard. The new buildings will meet all current construction codes, reducing the hazards to employees that currently use these facilities. Remediation of the site will reduce or eliminate existing environmental hazards. Design elements from the old structures, such as the corrugated metal and bricks, will be reused on the new buildings to provide a link to the past and enhance the aesthetics of the new structures.


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Contact Information

  • Pomona Planning Division- Brad Johnson, Development Services Manager, (909) 620-2436, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Applicant- City of Pomona Water & Wastewater Operations Department, Tim Hampton

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