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1831-1881 Mount Vernon Avenue

1831 1881 Mount Vernon Ave view2 CUP 6656 2017

 Conditional Use Permit for a new tilt up warehouse on a parcel larger than 1 acre.

203 N. Myrtle Avenue

203 N. Myrtle Avenue DPR 6535 2016

Development Plan Review to allow the construction of a 35-unit multi-family residential development at two and three stories in height.

1061 E. Phillips Boulevard

1061 E. Phillips Boulevard view2CUP 4831 2016

Conditional Use Permit and Tract Map for the construction of six residential condominium units in the R-2-S zone. 

1110 S. Reservoir Street

1110 S. Reservoir Street CUP 6752 2017

Conditional Use Permit to allow a new 72,000 square foot warehouse building and Variance to deviate from front yard setback on a property in the M-1 zone. 

2780 S. Reservoir Street

2780 S. Reservoir Street view2 CUP 6844 2017

Modification of Conditional Use Permit for a badminton club, including a change to the floor plan, reduction in number of parking spaces, and removal of a parcel in the city of Chino that was to be used for parking.

22 Rio Rancho Road

22 Rio Rancho Road view2 CUP 5500 2016

Conditional Use Permit for a new building and parking lot to accommodate a used car dealership.

46 Rio Rancho Road 


Conditional Use Permit for the construction of a new 6,114 square foot, one-story commercial retail, building within the Pomona Ranch Plaza Shopping Center.

 1198 & 1236 S. San Antonio Avenue

1198 1236 S. San Antonio Avenue view3 CUP 4607 2016

Conditional Use Permit to allow the development of six buildings, two-stories in overall height with a total of 14 residential units.

1385 S. San Antonio Avenue

1385 S. San Antonio Avenue view2 CUP 4574 2016

Conditional Use Permit and Tentative Tract Map for a proposed five-unit residential development and a Major Oak Tree Permit for the removal of five oak trees. 

295 W. Second Street

295 W. Second Street MAJSDP 3777 2016

Major Site Development Permit for the development of 366 mixed use apartment complex with ground floor retail.

1131 E. Second Street

1131 E. Second Street CUP 4635 2016

Conditional Use Permit to construct a one story building for auto body assembly.

 3111 Temple Avenue

3111 Temple Avenue view2 MCUP 14 003

Modificaiton of Variance and Conditional Use Permit to modify condition to provide convenience store at existing gas station/car wash.

3179 W. Temple Avenue

3179 W. Temple Avenue view2 WIRE 2501 2015

Admin Wireless Permit to modify an existing Verizon Wireless monopole.

2207 Valley Boulevard

2207 Valley Boulevard view2 CUP 5708 2016

Conditional Use Permit for a gas station with a 2,900 square foot food mart, automated car wash, and new fuel system. 

 990 Weber Street

990 Weber Street view3 PREAPP 5217 2016

Final Development Review and Tentative Tract Map for the development of 11 residential units in PUD, including private street and common space.

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