1036 & 1038 W. Fernleaf Avenue

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1036 & 1038 W. Fernleaf Avenue- Project Number (CUP 4280-2016)  - Status - Approved


Project Description

     The applicant is requesting a Conditional Use Permit for the construction of two residential units on property that is 7,8743 square feet in size, and located at 1036 and 1038 Fernleaf Avenue in the R-2-S (Low density multiple family with Supplemental overlay) zone. The subject site is located on the south side of Fernleaf Ave., north of Phillips Blvd. and east of Hamilton Blvd., and the subject parcel is currently vacant. The applicant is proposing to construct two new attached two-story single-family units with two-car garages. Each unit will have enclosed private open space areas. Vehicular access into the off-street parking facilities of the project will be through a common driveway access from Fernleaf Avenue. The project is designed with common areas, including driveways, walkways, guest parking, planting, and recreational amenities. This project is located in the R-2 zone with an “S” (Supplemental Overlay), which requires the applicant to obtain a conditional use permit to develop two residential units on the project site.

     The proposed project was previously heard by the Planning Commission on March 22, 2017. During the public hearing, the Planning Commission expressed concerns about the potential impact that the number of occupants would have on parking and traffic on the site and in the surrounding area.Additionally, the Planning Commission provided comments on the architectural style and the need for additional relief and articulation. In response to the Planning Commission’s concerns, the applicant has made changes to the floor plans and elevations.The applicant has reduced the number of bedrooms proposed for each unit from four bedrooms to three bedrooms.In place of the bedroom, the applicant is proposing a patio and a small study area for each unit. The patio also provides relief to the wester building façade as well as shutters on several windows and clay pipes near the roof peaks on all of the elevations. The applicant is also proposing a trellis with vines over the garage doors to soften the elevation. The proposed use of the subject site for residential development, specifically, the development of two new residences at this particular location will contribute to the general well being of the neighborhood and the community by expanding housing opportunities for residents by enhancing the appearance of the general area.


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Contact Information

  • Assigned Planner- Cecily Session-Goins, Assistant Planner, (909) 620-3634, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Applicant- Tim Law

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