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267 E. Bonita Avenue - Project Number (DPR 6124-2016)  - Status - In Review


Project Description

     The applicant, Casa Colina Hospital and Centers for Healthcare, is requesting a Change of Zone (ZONE 4972-2016) to change the Zoning classification from R-1-7,500 to the Pomona Corridors Specific Plan Residential Transition Zone for the properties at 267, 279, and 291 E. Bonita Avenue and 2815 through 2873 Melbourne Avenue; Specific Plan Amendment (SPA 4920-2016) to expand the boundaries of the Pomona Corridors Specific Plan to the include the properties at 267, 279, and 291 E. Bonita Avenue and 2815 through 2873 Melbourne Avenue; Tentative Parcel Map (PARCELMAP 6122-2016) to consolidate all affected parcels in the project area; and Development Plan Review (DPR 6124-2016) for the development of a new 71-space surface parking lot on approximately 30,000 square feet within the Residential Transition Zone of the Pomona Corridors Specific Plan and a General Plan Conformity for the vacation of an existing alley.

     The subject project area includes 13 individual parcels, 8 owned by Casa Colina Hospital, including the site of the proposed surface parking lot. The properties are on land immediately adjacent to the Residential Transition Area boundary of the Pomona Corridors Specific Plan (PCSP). Three parcels are located along Bonita Avenue just west of Melbourne Avenue. The other properties extend north of Bonita on the west side of Melbourne. The proposed parking lot will be on the properties at 267, 279 and 291 E. Bonita Avenue, the alley to be vacated, and 2815 Melbourne Avenue. These properties, and 2821 through 2873 Melbourne Avenue, are all within the proposed Change of Zone and Specific Plan Amendment boundaries. These properties will also be combined with those of the Casa Colina Hospital campus with the Tentative Parcel Map.

     The need for additional parking on the Casa Colina Hospital campus is to insure the many patients and their families have convenient access to the services they so desperately need. The hospital provides services with a large number of highly qualified and skilled personnel achieving significant results to the lives of many. The hospital provides both urgent and long-term care to patients, including rehabilitation services. In addition, homes owned by the hospital along Melbourne provide short-term housing for families whose relatives are being cared for on the hospital campus. The hospital opened a Medical/Surgical addition in April 2016 and it is now at capacity and Out Patient treatments are up 20%. The new Dialysis Center will start receiving patients shortly with up to 35 staff and patients. As a result of the services provided and the need in the community, the parking lot is frequently at 100% utilization. Expanding the parking lot will be a great benefit to patients, their families and staff. The proposed parking lot will be on the properties at 267, 279 and 291 E. Bonita Avenue, the alley to be vacated, and 2815 Melbourne Avenue. It is 30,675 square feet in area and will contain 71 compact (8.5’x16’) parking spaces. Landscaped planters will separate the parking spaces from the sidewalks. The three existing, detached single-story, single-family homes located at the northwest corner of Melbourne and East Bonita are proposed to be demolished to create the space for the expanded parking lot. In addition a two car garage for each of the existing homes is proposed for demolition for the project. The homes range in size 1,186 square feet to 1,924 square feet were built between 1952 and 1953 and are of simple ranch style design. The homes are not identified on any lists as potential historic resources to the City of Pomona.


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Contact Information

  • Pomona Planning Division- Brad Johnson, Development Services Manager, (909)620-2436, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Applicant- Casa Colina Hospital, Bob Barnes
  • Contractor- Andreason Engineering, (909) 623-1595

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