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Commission Information


The City of Pomona has various commissions that serve as advisory bodies to the City Council. Appointment to a commission is both an honor and a heavy responsibility. Not only does it signify the confidence of the City Council in the member's wisdom and judgment, but places upon the member the attendant duties of regular attendance at meetings and consistent working and voting towards an implementation of the general public interest. Such a charge is, at times, not easily borne and necessary decisions not easily made.


Notwithstanding the self-discipline required in public service, each commission member may take considerable pride in being an integral part of the process which contributes to the sound government of this City, and for this service the City Council is most appreciative. Both the challenges and rewards are great.



City of Pomona commissioners are volunteers – no compensation is provided for their service.  Commission service is restricted only to residents of the City.  A resident may not serve on more than one commission at a time.


Citizen advisory commissions are charged with the following general responsibilities:

  • Gather facts and serve in an advisory capacity on matters within their area of responsibility.
  • Focus attention on specific issues and problems within their scope of responsibility and recommend actions and alternatives for City Council consideration.
  • Act as a channel of communication and information between city government and the general public.
  • Facilitate reconciliation of contradictory viewpoints among interested parties and project direction toward achievement of citywide goals.
  • Encourage broad citizen participation toward achieving city goals.
  • Assist in balancing community desires with municipal responsibility and resources.


  • City Commissions provide a systematic process for citizen participation. Commissions serve as advisory bodies to the Council within the confines of their respective responsibilities.
  • Each Commission is composed of Pomona residents who serve on a volunteer basis. Commissioners are appointed by the City Council.  All City Commissions are subject to the Brown Act and are required to have regular meetings open to the public.
  • Anyone who is a resident of Pomona and is interested in serving on a Commission may obtain an application from the City Clerk.  A member of a Board or Commission may not hold any other City office or position for which compensation is paid.


Each commission has specific assignments as established by Ordinance or Resolution. A brief description of each commission, including its area of responsibility, follows. For additional information on the duties and responsibilities of a commission, click on that commission's title. An application for appointment may be obtained by clicking HERE or picking one up at the City Clerk's Office.


Board of Library Trustees


The Board of Library Trustees oversees the management and operations of the Pomona Public Library. The Library Board may solicit funds for the sole benefit of the Library, subject to the City Council’s approval. For additional information, contact the Board of Library Trustees Secretary at 620-2043 ext. 2035.

Meetings: 3rd Wednesday of every month

5:00 p.m.

Library Public Conference Room



Board of Parking Place Commissioners (Vehicle Parking District)

Commissioners represent the downtown business community in its effort to maintain and improve the parking quality for the downtown area. For additional information, contact the VPD Department at 620-2410.

Meetings: 2nd Thursday of every month

6:00 p.m.

Council Chambers



Community Life Commission


The Community Life Commission is charged with fostering improved City-Citizen relations by focusing on how people interact with critical government services and improving the human relations’ aspect of these services.  For additional information, contact the Community Development Department’s Housing Division at 620-2116.

Meetings: 4th Tuesday of every month
(no meetings in August or December)

6:15 p.m.

City Council Closed Session Room located to the South of the Council Chambers


Cultural Arts Commission

The Cultural Arts Commission promotes the arts and coordinates cultural activities within the City including activities relating to the community and the artistic and cultural heritage of the City.  The Commission also designates historical monuments (in accordance with Ordinance Nos. 2558 and 2637).  For additional information, contact the VPD Department at 620-2410.

Meetings: 4th Monday of the month (No meetings in August)

5:30 p.m.

City Council Conference Room



Historic Preservation Commission


The Historic Preservation Commission is charged with recommending historic landmark designation and the application, enforcement, and education of the community in regards to the historic preservation regulations set forth in Section .5809-13 of the Zoning Ordinance.  For additional information, contact the Planning Division at 620-2191.

Meetings: 1st Wednesday of the month 

6:30 p.m.

Council Chambers



Parks and Recreation Commission


The Parks and Recreation Commission serves as an advisory body in all matters pertaining to City parks, street trees and public recreation. For additional information, contact the Community Services Department at 620-2321.

Meetings: 3rd Thursday of every month

6:00 p.m.

Various City Community Centers



Planning Commission


The Planning Commission is responsible for making discretionary decisions in compliance with the City’s General Plan and Zoning Ordinance.  The Commission conducts public hearings on Zone Change requests, Amendments to the Zoning Code, Conditional Use Permits, Variances, Environmental documents, Tentative Tract and Parcel Maps and other land use and development matters.  In certain matters, such as zone changes and zoning code amendments, the Planning Commission makes recommendations to the City Council.  For additional information, contact the Planning Division at 620-2191.


Meetings: 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of every month

7:00 p.m.

Council Chambers



Citizen's Oversight Committee 


In accordance with the provisions of the City of Pomona Municipal Code Section 50-651, there is hereby established a Citizens Oversight Committee (“COC” or “Committee”), which shall serve in an advisory capacity to the City Council with respect to the City’s Transactions and Use Tax set forth in Article XI of the City of Pomona Municipal Code. 


Meetings: Last Thursday of the months of April and September  5:00 p.m.
Administrative Board Room  


Phillips Ranch Assessment District Oversight Committee


In accordance with the recommendations of the Phillips Ranch Ad Hoc Committee, there is hereby established a Phillips Ranch Assessment District Oversight Committee (“Committee”), which shall serve in an advisory capacity to Staff and City Council with respect to the scope of assessment-funded landscaping and lighting services and to provide staff with information regarding contractor performance within the District.


Meetings: TBD  TBD
Administrative Board Room   


Charter Review Commission


In accordance with the City Charter Article XVII, beginning in January of the year 2010, and in January of every tenth year thereafter, the Council shall appoint a Commission to consider and propose amendments to the existing Charter.  No later than twelve (12) months from each inception, the Commission shall submit its proposals to the City Clerk for placement on the ballot at the next scheduled election.  The criteria for appointment to the Commission is determined at the time the Commission is convened.

Meetings for the 2020 Charter Review Commission: 6:00 p.m. on the following dates

 January 9, 2020  June 25, 2020   
 January 22, 2020  July 23, 2020
 February 27, 2020  August 27, 2020
 March 27, 2020  September 24, 2020
 April 23, 2020  October 22, 2020
 May 22, 2020                                 November 19, 2020 (Special meeting due to holiday)
   December 17, 2020 (Special meeting due to holiday)

 City Council Conference Room


*Note: All meeting dates, times, and locations are subject to change.


The following is a list of City Commissioners and Committee Members:



Board of Library Trustees


Board of Parking Place Commissioners (VPD)

Mayor Lisa Snider Mayor Luis Corcuera
1 Mike Suarez 1 Juan Carlos Garcia Juarez
2 Meg Johanssen 2 Sergio Diaz Luna
3 Tom Rodriguez 3 Marcos Molina
4 Debra Martin 4 Mike A. Davis
5 Megan Gearhart 5 Joseph Mladinov
6  Vacant
6 Jacqueline Elizalde


Community Life Commission


Cultural Arts Commission

Mayor Donna Houston Mayor Joshua Swodeck
1 Lidia Manzanares 1 Miranda Sheffield
2 Vacant 2 Jovani Esparza
3 Christina Jimenez
3 Jessica Leon
4 Lorraine Canales 4 Venita Reynolds
5 Brian Mundy 5 Dianna Batts
6 Jeanette Ellis Royston
6 Denise Marquez
District  Historic Preservation Commission District  Parks and Recreation Commission
 Mayor Ann Tomkins
 Mayor Ion Puschila
 1 Chara Swodeck  1 Juanita Preciado-Becerra
 2 Tamara Gonzalez
 2 Fabián Pavón
 3 Jennifer Williams  3 Noel Mendez-Zamudio
 4 Alice R. Gomez
 4 Vince Carpio
 5 James Gallivan  5 Cynthia Marino
 6 James Kercheval
 6 Donna Otero
 District  Planning Commission  District  Citizens Oversight Committee 
 Mayor  Dr. Kyle Brown  Mayor  Guillermo Gonzalez
 1  Yesenia Miranda Meza
 1  Mickey Gallivan
 2  Alfredo Camacho-Gonzalez  2  Ryan Lee
 3  Gwen Urey  3  Leticia Casillas-Sanchez
 4  Carlos Gomez  4  Dean Rudenauer
 5  Ron Vander Molen  5  Barry Lawrence 
 6  Kristie Kercheval
 6  Mario Ramos
District P.R. Assessment District Oversight Committee District Charter Review Commission 2020
Mayor Eric Jung  Mayor  Derek Engdahl
1 Denton Mosier  1  John Clifford
2 Krutal Desai  2  Efrain Escobedo
3 Yvonne Cobarrubias  3  Ann Tomkins
4 Bonnie Martinez  4  Dean Rudenauer
5 Eric Trypucko  5  Edward Jimenez
6 vacant  6  Eunice Russell

GOVERNMENT CODE SECTION 54970-54974 (Maddy Act)

54971. As used in this chapter:
(a) "Legislative body" means the board of supervisors or its chairman in the case of the county, or the city council or the mayor in the case of a city.
(b) "Local agency" means a county or city, whether chartered or general law.

54972. On or before December 31 of each year, each legislative body shall prepare an appointments list of all regular and ongoing boards, commissions, and committees which are appointed by the legislative body of the local agency. This list shall be known as the Local Appointments List. The list shall contain the following information:
(a) A list of all appointive terms which will expire during the next calendar year, with the name of the incumbent appointee, the date of appointment, the date the term expires, and the necessary qualifications for the position.
(b) A list of all boards, commissions, and committees whose members serve at the pleasure of the legislative body, and the necessary qualifications for each position.

54973. The Local Appointments List shall be made available to members of the public for a reasonable fee which shall not exceed actual cost. The legislative body shall designate the public library with the largest service population within its jurisdiction to receive a copy of the list.

54974. (a) Whenever an unscheduled vacancy occurs in any board, commission, or committee for which the legislative body has the appointing power, whether due to resignation, death, termination, or other causes, a special vacancy notice shall be posted in the office of the clerk of the local agency, the library designated pursuant to Section 54973, and in other places as directed by the legislative body, not earlier than 20 days before or not later than 20 days after the vacancy occurs. Final appointment to the board, commission, or committee shall not be made by the legislative body for at least 10 working days after the posting of the notice in the clerk's office.
(b) Notwithstanding subdivision (a), the legislative body may, if it finds that an emergency exists, fill the unscheduled vacancy immediately. A person appointed to fill the vacancy shall serve only on an acting basis until the final appointment is made pursuant to this section.








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