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Fitness and Wellness
This Webpage will provide you with information regarding our Fitness and Wellness Policy and other valuable resources. As a Regular, Full-time City of Pomona employee you are eligible to participate in the City's Fitness and Wellness Program.

Fitness and Wellness Topics 

Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator 
Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to both adult men and women. Click on the link below to calculate your BMI! (Courtesy of the Department of Health and Human Services)
Fitness and Wellness Policy 
The purpose of the City's Fitness and Wellness Policy is to encourage, motivate and challenge employees to take an active interest in their health and well-being.
The Policy establishes a "Voluntary Fitness and Wellness Program" which encourages participation in health screenings, wellness training sessions, and fitness activities. Employees who participate in the program and meet the minimum requirements will be eligible for fitness-related expenditures per the Policy.  Monetary reimbursement has been suspended until further notice. 
The Fitness and Wellness Policy contains the following elements: 
      1. Health Screenings
      2. Wellness Training/Education
      3. Fitness Participation
      4. Fitness Reimbursement
A.   Health Screenings
Employees are encouraged to receive periodic health screenings from their own personal physician. In order to qualify for the Fitness Reimbursement, employees must complete an annual physical exam or body scan. 
B.   Wellness Training/Education
Periodic Wellness and Training Education sessions will be scheduled throughout the year. These sessions will cover topics including, but not limited to; smoking cessation, nutrition, fitness, and stress management. In order to qualify for the Fitness Reimbursement, employees must attend a minimum of four (4) City-provided Wellness Training sessions. 
Please click on the link below to view the City's Fitness and Wellness Policy. 
Healthy Living - City Resources 
City's Employee Assistance Program Wellness Library - Community Action EAP: www.horizoncarelink.com 
Login ID: standard6 (lowercase letters)

Password: eap4u6 (lowercase letters)


Healthy Living - Online Resources
 American Cancer Society www.cancer.org
 American Dietetic Association www.Eatright.org
 American Heart Association www.americanheart.org
 American Lung Association www.lungusa.org
 Body Mass Index: BMI Calculator www.webmd.com/content/tools/1/calc_bmi.htm
 Blue Shield (Full program for Blue Shield members only) www.blueshieldca.com/bsca/health-wellness/home.sp
 National Breast Cancer Awareness Month www.nbcam.org
 Walking.org www.walking.org
 Walking.about.com www.Walking.about.com
 Weight Watcher www.weightwatchers.com
Wellness News
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