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Redevelopment Agency F.A.Q.s

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Redevelopment Agency:


Q: What does it mean to be in a project area?

A: If your business property is in a redevelopment project area, you will have an opportunity to actively participate in improving the quality of life in your neighborhood. For more information please refer to "A Citizen's Guide to Understanding Redevelopment." CLICK here to view a copy.



Q: Does the City provide financial assistance for businesses? 

A: Yes. The City of Pomona offers a Commercial Façade Improvement Rebate Program (CFIRP) to qualified applicants to upgrade the appearance of properties within low to moderate income or blighted areas in the city.

For additional information on the Commercial Facade Improvement Rebate Program please contact the Business Development Division at 909-620-3612 or 909-620-3760.



Q: Who should I contact about holding an event on public property, such as the Civic Center Plaza or a City park? 

A: The Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department handle reservation requests for the use of a park or public facility during an event. Please contact them at 909 620-2321.

Once a reservation has been made, please call the Business Development Division at 909-620-3612 or 909-620-3760 to register your event. All Special Events held on public property require a Special Event permit. Special Event Permit applications are available at the Redevelopment Agency office or can be faxed to you upon request.

The Pomona Redevelopment Agency is located at:
505 S. Garey Avenue, 2nd Floor
Telephone number: 909-620-2410



Q: How do I get a filming permit in the City of Pomona? 

A: Please contact the Business Development Division to request a Film Permit application to be mailed or faxed to you. A five (5) working days advance notice is appreciated. Additional time may be needed, depending upon the City services required.

Staff will coordinate with the necessary City Departments and any outside agencies required. Please call the Business Development Division for all your filming needs at 909-620-3612 or 909-620-3760.



Q: Does the City provide grants or loans to start a business? 

A: The City of Pomona is not currently offering any business start-up grants or loans. Please contact the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) for inquires regarding start-up loans and other business assistance programs at 1-800-450-7232 or check their website at www.sbaonline.sba.gov

The SBDC maintains an office at the Cal-Poly Downtown Center located at 375 S. Main Street, Suite 101, Pomona. Their telephone number is 909-629-2247.

For more business assistance information please refer to the Business Resource Guide.



Q: What type of assistance does the City offer a new business looking to locate in Pomona? 

A: The Business Development Division offers a variety of services to businesses interested in establishing themselves in the City of Pomona.

These services include:
Site location assistance - including a list of available properties.
Facilitating the entitlement process
Assistance with the Business License Permit process
Referral to business resources

For more information please refer to Starting A Business in Pomona here.



Q: What incentives are there for moving my business to Pomona? 

A: Businesses of all types and sizes find that Location, Location, Location is but one of the many reasons for locating their business in Pomona.

Exposure to a vast trade area is an another incentive to Pomona businesses. This gives them access to numerous communities whose residents have very diversified customer needs and buying potentials. This makes it possible for Pomona businesses to maximize their market-reach to numerous communities while still enjoying reasonable costs of doing business.

In addition to its strategic location, Pomona businesses enjoy several highly coveted business advantages such as …..Access to 5 major freeways, excellent Transportation by truck, rail or air, a Skilled and Professional workforce, and last but not least, Competitive lease rates and Real Estate prices.



Q: How can I obtain a list of new businesses in the City of Pomona? 

A: The "New Businesses" list is published monthly and is available from the Business License Division for a fee. Please call 909-620-2343 for more information.

For answers to questions regarding Redevelopment please refer to the Redevelopment Agency.

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