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Employment After Retirement

Work After RetAfter you have retired, you may think about becoming self-employed, working in private industry or coming back to work for the City of Pomona or another CalPERS employer as a "retired annuitant".  There are some restrictions you need to know about so you will not jeopardize your CalPERS service, disability or industrial disability retirement benefits. 

Employment with Non-CalPERS Employer:

  • No approval from CalPERS is required,
  • You can self-employed or work for a private industry employer without restrictions and continue to receive your monthly retirement allowance.
  • If you intend to work for a CalPERS employer as an "independent contractor", a "consultant," or through a third-party employer, please review the section entitled Third-Party Employer.

Employment with a CalPERS Employer in a Temporary Capacity:

CalPERS service retirees may seek temporary, limited-term employment as a "retired annuitant" without CalPERS approval.  However, certain restrictions apply:

  • Retired annuitants are limited to working no more than 960 hours per year (fiscal year) if you are of normal service retirement age. However, if you are younger than the normal service retirement age, you must meet the following conditions: 
  • There is no verbal or written agreement to return to work as a "retired annuitant" between you and the CalPERS employer before you retired.
  • There is a termination of employment (separation in service) for 180 days between your retirement date and the date of your temporary employment as a "retired annuitant" will begin.
Normal Service retirement age for CalPERS purposes is the benefit formula age shown in your retirement formula, e.g., age 55 for the 2% at 55 formula, age 60 for the 3% @ 60 formula.  If your retirement allowanced is based on more than one formula, regardless of when that formula was earned, the highest benefit age determines your eligibility. 


Third-Party Employer and Independent Contractor or Consultant Employment:  If you are considering employment or co-employment with a CalPERS employer who recruits employees or retirees through a third-party employment agency, be advised that if under common-law principles you will be an "employee" of the CalPERS employer, your employment is subject to CalPERS restrictions even though a third-party pays your wages or salary.  Please contact CalPERS to review any proposed agreement or contract before you sign it and before you begin employment to ensure you meet the guidelines of a true independent contractor. 


Temporary, Limited Duration Employment must be appointments for extra help (elimination of backlog, special projects or work in excess of what regular employees can do such as during an emergency to prevent stoppage of public business or because the retired person has specialized skills needed in performing work of a limited duration, or to fill for a leave of absence not to exceed one (1) year, or to fill a vacant position while the position is being filled. 


For more information about Employment After Retirement, please review the following publications or contact CalPERS:

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