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Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation Commission


The protection, appreciation and preservation of the historic and cultural resources of Pomona shall be the guiding mission and fundamental purpose of the Historic Preservation Commission.  The Commission shall work in partnership with property owners and residents, the business sector and the community at large to retain and protect those historic and cultural resources which will preserve and enhance Pomona's unique built environment.


Historic Preservation Commission   

 District Commissioner Term
Mayor Ann Tomkins - Chairperson 12/2020
Dist. 1 Debra Martin 12/2020
Dist. 2 Tamara Gonzalez - Vice Chairperson 12/2022
Dist. 3 Jennifer Williams 12/2022
Dist. 4 Alice R. Gomez  12/2020
Dist. 5 James Gallivan 12/2022
Dist. 6 Jim Kercheval 12/2020


Ad-Hoc Committees

The Historic Preservation Commission includes the following active "ad-hoc committees." An ad-hoc committee may be formed by a Commission to encourage analysis or review of a particular subject matter related to the Commission's mission. 

  1. Historic Tree Protection
  2. City Stables 
  3. Ordinance Review


Minor Certificates of Appropriateness 


A Minor Certificate of Appropriateness (MINCOA) is required for eligible proposed exterior alterations or demolitions of a designated historic landmark, or on existing or new buildings, public streets, public streetscape, public sidewalk, public structures, public buildings, spaces, and public works projects within a designated historic district within the City of Pomona. 

Each MINCOA is reviewed against one or more of the following sources of regulations and guidelines, depending on the kind of proposal:  

  1. Pomona Zoning Ordinance, Historic Preservation, Section .5809-13.
    Click for web version.

  2. Pomona Zoning Ordinance, Fences/Hedges/Walls, Section .503-I-11.
    Click for web version (Please note .503 is a lengthy, broad section; please scroll down to Section "I" and Number 11 for historic-related regulations) 

  3. Historic Preservation Design Guidelines, Adopted 1999.
    Click to download PDF. 

  4. Historic Sites Tree Protection Program, Updated 2020.
    Click to download PDF. 


Recent Decisions on Minor COAs 

The following is a list of recently approved MINCOA permits. Decisions on any MINCOA are subject to a 20 calendar day appeal period. Any requests to appeal a decision must be filed with the Planning Division by 5 p.m. on the last day of the appeal period or the following business day if the last day is a holiday or weekend.

Please contact Ata Khan, Supervising Planner, (909) 620-3765 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information on a listed decision and/or the appeal process.

  1. MINCOA 15278-2021
    1542 Alameda St (Hacienda Park Historic District) 
    Removal of two Canary Island pine trees.
    Link to Decision 
    (Appeal period ends 02/03/21)



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