Council Member Elizabeth Ontiveros-Cole


District 4

EColeElizabeth Ontiveros-Cole has lived in Pomona for six decades – she was raised in Pomona, graduated from Pomona schools, was married and raised her children in Pomona. She has worked for Pomona Unified School District Health Services for 22 years.

As a dedicated Pomona citizen and District Four resident, she played a vital role in the installation of traffic calming provisions in her neighborhood to prevent speeding and promote pedestrian safety. In response to an increase of residential break-ins, she successfully petitioned to increase the number of street lamps for better security at night in both the street and the adjacent alleyway. She has also dedicated herself to preserving the neighborhood’s historic 100 year-old camphor trees in midst of both the California drought and an infestation of plant fungal disease. In addition, she helped organize a neighborhood watch group in alliance with Unity Church of Pomona.

As District Four’s Councilmember, Councilmember Ontiveros-Cole will continue to be an active Pomona citizen and civil servant by continuing her efforts to improve and clean up streets and alleyways; promote community safety, crime prevention programs and neighborhood watch groups; address and alleviate homelessness; beautify Pomona parks and recreation areas; bring new projects and developments to the City; promote and fund the Pomona Public Library; and preserve historical landmark and buildings.

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